Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Reflective Post

As I spent time thinking what to say in this final post for my digital civilization class (Yes, I do plan on making periodic posts about other topics), I realized that I have changed quite a bit this semester.  I now have the tools and am familiar with enough resources (or access to other resources) to make my journey of life long learning an enjoyable one.  In order to avoid re-stating a lot that I have already said, please refer back to my last reflective post which focus on self-directed learning and how that has really benefited me this semester. 

At the beginning of the semester, it was very obvious that I wasn't very comfortable with this class and really struggled meeting the course objectives of consume, create, connect.  I typically wrote of topics that were of interest but struggled making historical connections (see example on a post I made about the NBA). 

However, after a change in attitude and self-directed learning, I feel like I became much more involved as can be seen in my post about the atomic age.  I felt much more comfortable with this class when I started using the tools of consume, create, and connect more effectively. 

What I enjoyed most about this class was working and blogging about our final project.  Missionary work is something that I have always enjoyed participating in and I found it awesome that I could focus on a topic that I loved in an "academic" class.  I enjoyed helping put on a fireside (connecting with my ward and many friends) on how to be digital missionaries.  I also enjoyed making historical connections and posting links to my facebook about missionary work.  It was fun connecting with the referral center missionaries and I look forward to continuing to become a more effective and efficient digital missionary. 

Thanks for a great semester.  I look forward to continuing the journey of becoming more digitally literate through creating, consuming, and connecting. 


  1. Such a nice post! Its nice that you are changing :)

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